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Farmstead Pippara Peppers

Farmstead Pippara Peppers

Spain's classic tapa addition.

While every country has their unique food culture and traditions, my favorite style has to be Spanish, in particular the way they eat in the Basque region of northern Spain along the French border.

While current food trends are heading north towards the nuevo Nordic cuisine, Spain was the spot for creativity, flavor, and fun for the better part of the last decade. Towns like San Sebastian became the epicenter of the gastro-universe and we all flocked there to enjoy the incredible food.

One of the simple yet popular snacks you find in wine bars are made with piparra peppers like these. The skinny, yellowish green peppers we have here are grown in the town of Usurbil, just outside San Sebastian. They're grown organically, but most importantly they're pickled with an organic vinegar instead of the cheaper, more industrial version other producers use. The vinegar might be the unsung hero in this particular jar for the simple fact that it doesn't overpower the whole affair. Bitter, harsh vinegars can cover up the subtle sweetness of these peppers in lesser versions. Not so with these peppers.

You can eat them straight up without worrying they’ll burn up your lips or mouth with heat. The pickling definitely takes a bit of the bite out of the peppers and gives them a pleasant texture with a snap that’s hard to find. Add 'em to ham sandwiches, chop them up and toss with salad, or spear a pepper with a cornichon and a wedge of Manchego cheese for a classic Spanish tapa.

Farmstead Pippara Peppers

P-FPP 195 g jar
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