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Epices de Cru 5 Spice Kit

Epices de Cru 5 Spice Kit

There's a whole world of spices out there and this is your guide.

Cooking with unfamiliar spices can often seem daunting. This kit is a Sherpa into that wild world, guaranteeing success. The five blends included are among the most popular flavors in their home countries, but are interchangeable and can be used in recipes from pretty much anywhere. 

Tajine is an aromatic, hot and sweet blend that completes the sour and savory flavor combinations so loved in Morocco. Imperial Kashmir Curry famously boasts pungent spices like cumin and cardamom. The Lemon Pepper Blend has bold citrus flavor and tongue-numbing heat. Little Italy is the most familiar to most cooks, a blend of garlic, pepper and herbs. Finally, the Tex-Mex blend is based on a recipe dating back to 1892 and turns taco night into an event so big you’ll send out evites.

Guaranteed to broaden culinary horizons and the perfect gift for curious cooks.

Unground for flavor's sake
These spices are whole, not ground. Just like with coffee beans, as soon as you grind spices the flavor starts to dissipate. Keeping them whole retains their essential oils, their potency and their flavor. Grind them up with a mortar and pestle. It takes less than 60 seconds. You'll find the increase in flavor compared to pre-ground spices is immense.

Epices de Cru 5 Spice Kit

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