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English Piccalilli

English Piccalilli

The classic British mash-up.

While it may sound like a directive for a flower shopping spree, piccalilli is a very British mash-up of bright yellow mustard and pickled vegetables.
This version is made by Sky Cracknell and Kai Knutsen and their company England Preserves. Sky & Kai stuff an array of vegetables like cauliflower, cucumber, and carrots, and mixed them with cider vinegar and mustard. This yellow sauce is crunchy, spicy, bright, and mouth watering. 
It pairs stupendously well with pork pies. It shines as a partner in a ploughman’s lunch of British cheese, cured meat, bread and this picalilli. This Yank really likes it served in sandwiches, spooned over grilled pork, or mixed with rice dishes.

English Piccalilli

P-PIC 210 g jar

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