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Date and Sesame/Almond Rugelach Gift Box

Date and Sesame/Almond Rugelach Gift Box

Go east.

The latest and greatest in our growing collection of rugelach features two new creations. The first features a rich blend of ground almonds and sesame, then topped with a pleasant little crunch of black and white sesame seeds and sliced toasted almonds. The second has fat, juicy dates and the mesmerizing flavor of cardamom. This is a combination I adore, not least because dates are one of the most caramelly delicious fruits there are. When you add them to a cream-cheese-enriched-dough dessert like rugelach you get a food that has few equals.
Each piece, roughly the size of a really big bite (but you probably want to eat it in two), is packed with edible experience. It’s got crunch. It’s got crisp. It’s got sweet. It’s got tang. It’s got savor. And then, to top it off, it’s got the flowery incense scent of cardamom or the deep, nutty richness of toasted almond that lingers long afterwards.
A stunning new breakthrough, you should alert work you’ll be taking the next several days off to eat them in peace.

Date and Sesame/Almond Rugelach Gift Box

P-RDS 16-20 PIECES, half date/cardamom, half sesame/almond, GIFT BOXED
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