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Creamed Raw Honey

Creamed Raw Honey


The folks at American Spoon source this raw honey from Bliss Township, Michigan. Bliss, if you’re looking for it—and let’s be honest, who isn’t?—is located along the northwestern coast of Michigan, about a half hour from Mackinaw City.

Creaming a raw, unprocessed honey is a delicate and slow process. The honey is held at low temperatures (50–55 degrees) until crystalline structures begin to form. The process doesn’t change the flavor. It’s all about the texture: soft, melting, luxurious, spreadable, with a tiny level of grit that reminds me of what might happen if champagne bubbles were frozen. The flavor is rustic, not overly sweet, with a slightly floral aroma.

Creamed Raw Honey

P-NMC 18 oz
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