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Cowboy Pairing Gift Box

Cowboy Pairing Gift Box

Date night on the ranch.

For that special meal with that special someone, you could get finefied like city slickers and head to the fanciest new restaurant in town—or you could spend the evening tucked under a horse blanket, yarning the hours away beside the campfire, watching the sunset flame across the sky until the stars begin to twinkle and you’re plumb tuckered out.
If a night out where the deer and the antelope play sounds fine as cream gravy, then dig out the eatin’ irons. In this gift box, we’ll pack plenty of ace-high vittles: a pair of giant dry-aged, grass-fed, cowboy cut ribeye steaks from Carman Ranch in Oregon to grill up for dinner, plus a tin of ten cinnamon rolls from Zingerman's Bakehouse to heat for late night dessert or morning out on the range.
Serves two with a mighty big appetite after wrangling doggies all the livelong day—or a half-dozen who are less dreadfully hungry.

Cowboy Pairing Gift Box

G-CBY 2 giant steaks plus 10 cinnamon rolls
Returning October 2020

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