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Chocolate Covered Fruit Candy "Pebbles"

Chocolate Covered Fruit Candy "Pebbles"

Pebble-y fruits.

From just outside of Athens in the port city of Piraeus, Greece, comes my pick for the most playful confection of the year. These candied fruits are enrobed in chocolate, coated in a crackling candy shell, then decorated to look like colorful pebbles. They’re adorable enough to catch your eye, but then delicious enough to eat them anyway.
We have two fruits:
Kumquats are a small, aromatic citrus, about the size of the tip of my thumb. The whole fruit, peel and all, is candied until the center is soft and gooey but the bright, tart citrus flavor still shines through the dark chocolate and orange-sherbet colored candy shell.
Amarena cherries are small and dark with a superb sweet-tart balance. The whole, pitted cherries are practically juicy and pack a punch of tart cherry flavor to contrast with the smooth, dark chocolate and toothpaste green candy shell.

Chocolate Covered Kumquat "Pebbles"

P-KQP 450 g box
Returning October 2021

Chocolate Covered Amarena Cherry "Pebbles"

P-ACP 450 g box
Ships for flat rate