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Cherry Cranberry Preserves

Cherry Cranberry Preserves

Thanksgiving's jam.

Cranberries really get to shine at Thanksgiving. As a matter of fact, it's the only time they get any spotlight at all!

The team behind Beau Bien Fine Foods has been making preserves, mustards, sauces and more since 2010. For this seasonal preserve, they pair Michigan cherries and cranberries with a bit of ginger and cane sugar to create a spoonable sauce with a chunky texture and a bright, tart, gingery zip. 

Of course it's good on turkey (especially sandwiches made up of the leftover meat), but it's far more versatile than just a condiment. Try a dollop on soft, fresh cheeses or mix a few tablespoons with olive oil and vinegar for a Thanksgiving vinaigrette. Great with scrambled eggs or as a topper to a festive quiche. Like I said: it's versatile. 

Cherry Cranberry Preserves

P-BCB 7.5 oz jar
Returning October 2021

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