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Château Calissanne Olive Oil

Château Calissanne Olive Oil

For mature audiences only.

Put simply: this extra virgin olive oil stands alone amidst the dozens of olive oils we sell. Most oil producers press green (unripe) olives because the riper the olives on the tree, the higher the chance you’ll press overly ripe olives and that can lead to rancidity. One bad olive could spoil the whole lot. Thankfully they have their timing down at Château Calissanne.

Using traditional Provençal olive varietals and techniques, they harvest aglandau and salonenque olives late in the season when they’re very mature, and then ferment them for four to five days before pressing. The result is an oil tastes that like no other. Instead of grassy and bitter notes like you taste in many Italian and Spanish oils, this one is deep, earthy, with all the rich, savory quality of excellent black olives.

It’s ideal in richer dishes, like drizzling over a thick ribeye steak hot off the grill. Or use it for luxe vinaigrettes or marinades.

Extra virgin olive oil
Aglandau and salonenque olives
Buttery & silky flavors
The 2020 harvest is incredibly rich and deep in flavor. Earthy with a pronounced black olive flavor and a thick, creamy mouthfeel.

Château Calissanne Olive Oil

O-CSN 500 ml bottle
Ships for flat rate

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