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Carosello Pastas

Carosello Pastas

As good as Italy, made in Michigan.

Mike Carosello grew up in Missouri, but spent years living the vagabond life in Italy. He fell in love with food (who wouldn’t?) and set out to learn the art of pasta making from the masters in Florence. He discovered the importance of using bronze dies to extrude the pasta (it holds sauce better that way) and how to properly dry the dough (slowly, so it has lots of time to develop flavor).

When he decided to set up pasta shop in Dexter, Michigan, he sought out the best durum wheat he could find and had it freshly milled. The result is just as toothsome and chewy and nutty and flavorful as any pasta I’ve had in Italy (and I’ve had lots).

Gigli: A favorite in Florence: a short, flower shaped cone with ruffled edges that’s great for holding chunky sauces or baking like ziti.

Fusilli: A twisted spiral of a noodle with lots of crannies for holding sauce of any ilk. 

Carosello Fusilli Pasta

P-CAR-FUS 1 lb bag
Current Price $14
Ships for flat rate

Carosello Gigli Pasta

P-CAR-GIG 1 lb bag