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Calabrian Sun Dried Tomatoes

Calabrian Sun Dried Tomatoes

Sun dried sweetness

The sun is magical. 

Not only is it the energy that gives a tomato plant what it needs to grow, but after that tomato has been harvested, you can use that same sun to concentrate the flavors of that tomato and bring out its inherent sweetness.

Isn't that amazing? 

We're all pretty familiar with sun dried tomatoes, but there are differences between different makers. What I'm looking for comes down to texture and flavor. Sweet tomato flavor without any bitterness or bitey acid notes is first on my list. When it comes to texture, what I don't want is chewy, leathery, tomatoes that I have to rip with my teeth. I'm looking for tomatoes that give when you bite them and nearly burst with juice. Nearly, but not quite.

These Calabrian tomatoes fit the bill. Packed in olive oil, they're ready to be chopped and tossed into any salad, layered on a sandwich or used to finish grilled meats and veggies. Very versatile. 

Calabrian Sun Dried Tomatoes

P-SDT 170 g jar