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Bridgewater Cheese

Bridgewater Cheese

Star of the cheese tray.

Bridgewater is a small, pepper spiked round that’s quickly become a star on many people’s cheese trays. (When we put one on a catering cheese tray, it’s normally the first to be finished.) It’s a double cream cheese, like the Manchester, which means that heavy cream is added back to the milk to make its texture silkier, its flavor richer.

Each Bridgewater is two to six weeks old (they get more intense as they age). The finished cheese you get to serve will be very rich, slightly spicy from the pepper and guaranteed to be a hit.

Currently, Bridgewater is wowing folks at Zingerman's Creamery. Rich, luscious and buttery, the peppery finish is pleasant yet spicy, giving it a level of complexity not often found in such a small cheese.

Bridgewater Cheese

C-BRI 8 oz round
Ships for flat rate