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Bravetart Cookbook by Stella Parks

Bravetart Cookbook by Stella Parks

Hitching our wagon to a pastry star.

In my experience, the artisan food world is a gracious and supportive community. We're all driven by the works of our fellow artisans, be they the cheesemakers of France, the salami makers of Chicago, or the pastry chef/cookbook authors of Lexington, Kentucky.

Ever since Stella Parks’ cookbook Bravetart came out nearly two years ago it’s been an inspiration for home and professional bakers alike. With a focus on homemade American classics, from peanut butter cups to English muffins, there's plenty for everyone to love. The pastry masters at Zingerman’s Bakehouse loved her cheesecake recipe so much, that we got in touch with Stella and arranged a little collaboration.

We didn’t want to let the partnership end there, so we’re offering her heavily lauded book, Bravetart, for a limited run. It continues to be on everyone’s “top ten" lists for pastry cookbooks and I think it's the best title of all time. While discussing her book, Stella had a few ideas that were spot on. For instance, when she taste tests her recipes, she'll eat an entire piece of whatever she's making. "You might have a couple of perfect bites in a slice, but you won't know the whole cake or pie plays out unless you have the whole eating experience." She said. 

Another piece of advice: "All flours are not created equal," Stella said. "Get the best you can. Use the right flour for the right recipe. Nothing will improve the quality of your baked goods more than the quality of your flour."

Sage advice. Grab your copy of Bravetart, get the right flour, and go to town.

Bravetart Cookbook by Stella Parks

P-BVT 395 page cookbook, hardcover
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