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Boat Street Pickled Figs

Boat Street Pickled Figs

A renaissance fig.

For years we've sold figs in various forms. From Spain, covered in chocolate. From the Piedmont in Northern Italy made into jam. From Germany, made into vinegar.  From Portugal, preserved and candied. And once a year, each fall, from Calabria in Southern Italy, the coveted shipment of figs roasted and wrapped in fig leaves.

All these forms are delicious, but all of them are focused on the sweeter side of the fruit.

Enter Renée Erickson from Boat Street Café in Seattle. She submerges California Black Mission figs in a syrup of red wine, balsamic vinegar, sugar and rosemary. Jarred with this thick, molten syrup, they taste herbaceous and tart, with a lingering note of rosemary and just a hint of sweetness. Serve with creamy or blue cheeses for appetizers. Heck, just about any cheese tastes nice next to them. They'd also make an interesting sandwich spread.

Boat Street Pickled Figs

P-KFG 9 oz jar