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American Victory Cheese Collection

American Victory Cheese Collection

Cheese for all, cheesemakers forever.

This is a call to action. 

The cheese world—from the makers to the mongers—have been hit hard by Covid-19. A huge portion of a cheesemaker's revenue comes from the restaurant industry, so when they were shut down that left many of them reeling. But the speciality food world is a close knit community. We pull together and rally support. This crisis has led to a creative solution: Victory Cheese. 

Like the Victory Garden movement of yore, this package of domestic cheese is a great way to do your part in supporting the American cheese industry. It's also a lot of fun to do!

Here's what we're doing: each Victory cheese will contain two American-made, artisan cheeses totaling at least a pound. You won't know what's inside until it arrives, but we're picking cheeses with outstanding flavor that cover a spectrum of styles. You will likely find many of these cheeses on our website, so if you fall in love with what you receive, you can buy more down the line. 

This is about helping your local dairy, shop, and maker come out of the other side of this pandemic. The more makers that survive, the better for all of us. 

We're one of a multitude of mongers trying to do their part, and we want to do even more, so we'll be donating $5 from every Victory Cheese sold to Food Gatherers here in our own Washtenaw County. They're one of the most effective (and sadly, busy) food banks in Michigan and they do amazing work. So not only will your dollars benefit and hopefully sustain a struggling industry, you'll be putting food into the mouths of folks who really need it. AND you get to eat delicious cheese! It's a win-win-win. 

Keep calm, carry on, buy more cheese, and join the fight for victory.

American Victory Cheese Collection

G-VIC at least 2 cheeses, totaling over 1 lb of cheese
$45 On Special $25
Ships 2 business days warm weather care

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