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American Artisan Collection

American Artisan Collection

A who's who of American artisan food.

This gift box shines a light on some of the amazing work being done by foodmakers across America.

This is an extraordinary group of foodmakers. To taste this collection will be a real treat for someone who is interested in what's going on in American food right now.

Some of these producers have been at it for a while. For example, Broadbent has been in the sausage business since 1909. Virginia Diner started roasting peanuts in 1929. 

Each one, however, has been extremely influential in its own way. I selected these because I think each of these foodmakers is farsighted. They may have stuck with a traditional food through all trends and troubles. Any Hatch made wheels of his Pleasant Ridge cheese by hand when the style fell out of fashion and the cost was hard to bear. Or these foodmakers work with ingredients in a way no one else has, like Herb Eckhouse at La Quercia, who produces cured ham that's not just as good as that from Europe but in many respects better.

We stuff our cartooned gift box with Robert Lambert’s Rangpur Lime Syrup from California, Broadbent Sausage from Kentucky, Pleasant Ridge Reserve from Uplands Cheese in Wisconsin, Virginia Diner Peanuts, Zingerman's Red Rage Barbeque Sauce, Kokuho Rose Rice from California, and Askinosie's Red Raspberry Chocolate Bar from Missouri.

"Your food basket got my boyfriend's mom to tell me she loves me for the first time—it doesn't get any better than that!"
Darcy R., Ann Arbor, MI


American Artisans Gift Box from Zingerman's Community on Vimeo.

American Artisan Collection

G-AMT Gift box

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