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Agrumato Citrus Olive Oils

Agrumato Citrus Olive Oils

Light and lovely.

This is not citrus flavored or infused oil, but the traditional pressing of olives and citrus together—the oil of the fruit married to the extra virgin oil of the olive in an ethereal combination. You can do most anything with Agrumato citrus oils you’d do with other oils and then some. It’s fantastic brushed on top of almost any just-broiled fresh fish. Wonderful in vinaigrettes, marinades, or drizzled over simple pasta or good bread.

The citron oil is new to our shelves, and not to be missed. Citrons are ancient, large, knobbly citrus fruits with more rind and pith than fruit. Its herbaceous, slightly smoky flavors come through the citrusy brightness of its juice.

The lemon oil has been one of our most popular olive oils for years.I keep imagining that if I went to heaven, I’d discover this to be the oil the angels put on their salads. Smooth and olive-y, with a lemoniness that tickles your nose like the bubbles of a fine champagne.

"The lemon agrumato olive oil is fabulous. We have used this and lemon-infused olive oils before—this is FAR superior."
Rebecca, Lemoine, Maine

Agrumato Lemon Olive Oil

O-AGR 200 ml
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Agrumato Lemon Oil - case of 6

O-AGR-6 Case of six 200 ml bottles
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Agrumato Citron Olive Oil

O-CGR 200 ml bottle
Original Price $38 On Special Current Price $25
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