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Aahle Worscht Pork Salami

Aahle Worscht Pork Salami

Germany's cured sausage, via Wisconsin.

In the local dialect of Hesse, Germany, where Aahle Worscht originally comes from, the name literally means “old sausage.” Unlike so many fresh, juicy German sausages, this one is more akin to a cured salami, though still fairly soft in texture.

Working with pasture-raised, heritage breed pork from local farms around Madison, Wisconsin, master meat curer Jonny Hunter and his team at Underground Meats make their Aahle Worscht with a splash of rum, and a dash of nutmeg and coriander. The flavor is warm and spicy and totally delicious.

Pair it with crackers, cheeses, pickles, mustard, and plenty more.

Aahle Worscht Pork Salami

M-AAH 6 oz
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