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65% Dark Chocolate Bar with Marjoram

65% Dark Chocolate Bar with Marjoram

A sprinkle of marjoram brings out the flavors.

Bonajuto has been making chocolate in the baroque Sicilian town of Modica since 1880. By that time Gustav Lindt had perfected conching, the process that makes chocolate smooth. Nearly every European chocolate maker adopted it. Bonajuto didn’t. They continued to make unconched chocolate, the texture granular and crunchy in comparison.

Nowadays that texture has come somewhat back in fashion. A number of modern American chocolatiers, make chocolate in this style, but none of them have 130 years of practice like Bonajuto.

They only use three ingredients for their chocolate: cocoa, sugar, and spices. The mixture never gets hot enough to melt the sugar crystals, which gives their chocolate its signature texture. The simplicity of ingredients and preparation allows the robust flavors of the cocoa and spices to shine in a manner that’s hard to find in chocolate.

This 65% bar is made all the more interesting from the addition of marjoram, which gives the chocolate just the slightest sort of woody/piney undertone. It also seems to bring the citrusy flavors of the chocolate a bit more to the surface. A cult favorite.

65% Dark Chocolate Bar with Marjoram

P-BON-MRJ 50 g bar

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