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12 Year Aged Fynbos Vinegar

12 Year Aged Fynbos Vinegar

Bush vinegar.

Fynbos is a natural area of shrubland in the western Cape of South Africa. The name is Afrikaans for fine bush, referencing the long, thin needles of the plants in the area. The vinegar is made from a blend of Merlot and Cabernet wine infused with a blend of herbs and spices from the region—buchu, honeybush tea, rose geranium, wild olive and wild rosemary—and aged in oak barrels for a phenomenal twelve years. 
I'm not usually one for herbed or infused vinegars, since they're often overpowering, the herbs meant to cover up inferior vinegar. But this one starts with great vinegar then ages it to really enhance the flavor. And the herbs are subtle and complementary. Sweet, tart and savory all at once, this is a very special vinegar.
I've been using it an all kinds of ways. Deglazing pans and making a quick sauce. In salad vinaigrettes. And, from time to time, adding a dash to a sauce to give it verve.

12 Year Aged Fynbos Vinegar

V-FYN 250 ml

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