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University of Michigan Peanuts

Big house peanuts. The delicious way to torture rivals.

Big, fat, perfectly cooked Virginia peanuts. I’ll go out on a limb and say they’re my favorite nut ever.

We've got them two ways, packaged in a University of Michigan block "M" tin. That makes them the perfect vehicle for reminding supporters of other schools that they've made a bad choice. 

The first way is straight-up salted. They crunch with each bite the way the University of Michigan defense crushes opposing squads. 

The second is coated in butter and sugar. The butter forms a crispy, caramel-like jacket and the sugar sweetens them just a little. The sweetness makes the bitter pill of defeat a little easier to swallow for those that cheered for the other side. 

University of Michigan Salted Peanuts

P-UOM 10 oz tin
Ships for flat rate

University of Michigan Butter Toasted Peanuts

P-BTM 10 oz tin
Ships for flat rate

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