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Sundried Grape Vinegar with Rosemary & Thyme

Sun splashed vinegar.

I love sun dried foods—more flavor! no electricity!—so I was pretty excited when I came across this vinegar from Messinia in southern Greece made from sundried grapes. The first grapes of the harvest are laid out in the sun for a couple weeks. Basking in the sun releases much (but not all) of the water, concentrates their flavor and increases their sweetness. The grapes are made into a very sweet wine, then converted into vinegar over the winter.

During the aging, local rosemary and thyme are added—both of which, in Greece, are much more delicate than most of what I've tasted in America—and they infuse the vinegar with their soft, piney aromas. What you get is slightly sweet, herbaceous, and highly delicious. A marinade vinegar par excellence.

Sundried Grape Vinegar with Rosemary & Thyme

V-RMY 250 ml bottle

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