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Fig Vinegar

Made with fig wine, not sweeted with fig syrup.

A unique, exceptionally delicious fruit vinegar made by Robert Bauer in Germany and Joseph Reiterer in the mountainous Alto Adige region of northeast Italy. Nearly every other fruit vinegar on the market is made from wine vinegar sweetened with fruit syrup. Not this. Mr. Reiterer makes fig wine and sends it to master vinegar maker Mr. Bauer in Germany. There, the wine is converted naturally to vinegar then aged to intensify and soften its flavor.

The end result is a vinegar that’s superbly smooth. The taste is ripe with figs. Amazingly, it’s not too sweet. The flavor is rich, raisiny, intense. Add a bit to freshly broiled salmon, duck, a leafy salad. Or, in summer, splash a bit over fresh fruit. It sets a new standard for what a fruit vinegar can be.

Fig Vinegar

V-RFV 250 ml bottle

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