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Fire Cider Vinegar

Fire Cider Vinegar

New England vinegar cure.

Fire Cider was born from the New England tradition of using cider vinegar to cure what ails ya.  Like the tradition of balsamic in Modena, Italy, cider vinegar in the northeast was a family cure-all for various ailments. You can of course use it that way, but it's also great when you're looking for flavor, not medicine.
Fire Cider delivers on both fronts. Made in Pittsfield, MA from local honey, organic cider vinegar and a blend of roots, fruits and herbs. It's a tad bit spicy, dazzling in vinaigrettes, sauces or to deglaze a pan. And it truly is smooth and tasty enough to drink right from the bottle, but you get the same health effects by doing a shot as by cooking with it, so let creativity be your guide.

Fire Cider Vinegar

V-FCV 8 oz bottle
Ships for flat rate

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