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Beer Balsamic

A novel take on balsamic.

Move over grapes, beer is here. Hungary has the latest, greatest take on balsamic vinegar, and it’s a hopped up version made from beer. Krizsta and Reiner Pödör started making vinegars using traditional balsamic methods more than 50 years ago. After lots of trial and error, they came up with a balsamic they loved—and then, on a bet made in a pub, they took it a step further and experimented with adding an Austrian dark beer to the mix.
The resulting beer balsamic is malty, earthy, bright and tart yet balanced with a deep sweetness. It’s well beyond gimmick and just plain delicious. Great for drizzling on roasted meats or steaks, in vinaigrettes, on bruschetta, or sprinkled on bar food.

Beer Balsamic

V-BBL 100 ml bottle

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