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Zingerman's Single Barrel Hot Sauce

Zingerman's Single Barrel Hot Sauce

Only one barrel of this special hot sauce was ever made!

David Klingenberger and his crew at The Brinery take a batch of peppers grown at Zingerman's Cornman Farms and make a Louisiana Hot Sauce out of 'em. He mixes the peppers with vinegar and salt and sticks it all in a barrel for a few months, just for us. 

It's hyper-local, as they say. At least to us. It's spicy, obviously, but it has bright notes that offer some balance and don't just overwhelm your mouth with heat. I've been throwing dashes of the stuff into everything lately, from sandwiches to soups. Great with eggs and simple vegetables.

This is the only place you can find this hot sauce and when it's gone that's all until we can convince David to make us another barrel!

Zingerman's Single Barrel Hot Sauce

P-ZHS 5 oz bottle

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