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Walnut Butter

Walnut Butter

Let's give it up for walnuts.

Peanut butter is king in America. But the regal walnut? When does it get its fifteen minutes?

From Limerock Orchards in Paso Robles, California comes the perfect candidate for fame's quick feast. Where other nut butters resemble chewing on mortar, this has a fluffy, light texture. It's complemented by a toasty warm flavor. Spread it on a scone or bagel-it's fantastic. On top of ice cream it's almost like chopped nuts and Fluffernutter® in one. (I mean that as a compliment all you Fluffernutter® haters). Even hard core peanut butter fans like myself-I'm crazy for Koeze's Cream Nut Butter-can find a spot in their pantry for this.

How about the double butter: half walnut, half peanut butter sandwich anyone?

Walnut Butter

P-WBB 8.5 oz jar