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DIY Caribbean Vanilla Spice Extract Kit

DIY extract.

Vanilla speculators have known this day was coming, but for the rest of us it might be a surprise to hear the price of vanilla beans is about to go way up. Fear not. We’ve got people in the spice world. Our friends at Epices de Cru have put together a DIY kit featuring their carefully sourced spices for making vanilla extract at home. Along with the vanilla beans, the kit includes a cachet of spices to build bold West Indian flavors like sapote, mace, fennel, West Indian bay leaves, rosemary, nutmeg, clove and cinnamon. 
Add your own 80 proof alcohol of choice, like vodka or rum. Then give it some time. Two to three months later, you’ve got a bottle of rich, exotic vanilla extract that will last for months—even in the home of an avid baker. And when it starts getting low, just top it off again with more alcohol—it'll keep going for years to come.

DIY Caribbean Vanilla Spice Extract Kit

P-VKT Makes about 12 oz
Ships for flat rate

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