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Manuka Blended Honey

Manuka Blended Honey

The world's healthiest honey? Maybe, but it sure tastes good.

The name manuka is Maori for the tea tree, and the indigenous people used the plant for a wide array of remedies to fix what ailed them. There's even a species of parakeet that eats the leaves and chews on the bark of the manuka to rid itself of parasites. In short, it's healthy stuff.
While the shrub grows in every corner of the island, the flowering season is only two to six weeks long, meaning there's a small window of opportunity for the bees to do their work. And of course, no matter how hard the beekeeper tries, those bees have a mind of their own. Since the bees can travel up to three miles to find honey, they come across some non-manuka flowers here and there. That means this honey is a blend of manuka and wildflowers.
It certainly still has its health benefits, but the addition of the various wildflowers the bees also eat gives this honey a more pleasing flavor. (Super pure manuka honey can sometimes have a medicinal/ mentholated sort of flavor.) It's darkly sweet, like burnt sugar or caramel, with a slight prickliness that makes your tongue tingle in a good way. Use it in all the normal ways you utilize honey. From the curative side of things, the next time you get a sore throat, take a spoonful of this stuff. "Medicine" never tasted so good!
This particular manuka honey comes to us from Three Peaks, a company focused on the volcanic central Plateau of the North Island. They aim for sustainability of the land, conservation of the environment and the health of the native bee population. This honey is evidence of those commitments and a great example of manuka's flavor and quality.

Manuka Blended Honey

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