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Tinawon White Sun Dried Rice

Heirloom white rice with real flavor.

Mary Claire Hensley, a former Peace Corps worker in the Philippines, has been importing heirloom rices from the ancient terraces of Philippines for the last several years.

Her rices are part of the Slow Food Ark of Taste. But of the 300 varietals she can choose from, she calls this one her favorite. It’s a white rice, so visually, it’s not as striking as the rust-red Kalinga Unoy. But its flavor, aroma and texture are, in Mary’s word, “outstanding.” That's partly to do with the fact that, in spite of the rice being white, it's not polished. Most of the bran is still in tact, which adds a toasty, nutty flavor not found in more commercial varieties. It just happens to be colored white.

Use it in place of standard white rice wherever you’re cooking and see what you think.

Tinawon White Sun Dried Rice

P-TWR 1 lb bag
Returning February 2019

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