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Pistachio Torrone Nougat from Sicily

Southern nougat.

Now in her eighties, Maria Grammatico has been making torrone for over seven decades. Her Sicilian shop is considered a treasure in the culinary world, a destination for travelers. Her classic torrone recipe is simple. Just five ingredients: egg whites, honey, sugar, Sicilian almonds and pistachios. Everything is done by hand right down to the plain, individual wrapping of the bars.

If you buy one of these I guarantee that when you take it out of the box you will be underwhelmed. Maria is obviously not spending her time on packaging. Then you will taste it and be utterly blown away. Torrone is typically very sweet, but Maria’s is more complex in flavor and texture than any other soft torrone I’ve had. The pistachio flavor rings through, like a bell tower. Outstanding stuff.

Pistachio Torrone Nougat from Sicily

P-TOR 100 g piece

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