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Szechuan Spiced Peanuts

Surfer's epiphany.

You're surfing in Australia. You're at a bar. You drink beer. You eat a snack. You think, this snack stinks. Now if you're like most of us, you stop your bellyaching, drink some more beer and you go back surfing becase, after all, it's Australia and there's surfing. If you're Chris Ferguson, though, you come up with a new business. 
Chris returned from surfing, started spicing and roasting nuts, and came up with these Szechuan-spiced peanuts. I'll stop for a moment and say, in the food world, spiced nuts are as common as gas station jerky—there are hundreds of versions, most are decent, few are stand-outs. We carry a few that I think are rare stunners, like Cyrilla Suwarsa's cashewsFruition's Jalapeño dusted chocolate corn nuts and our own inimitable spiced pecans. Chris's Szechuan Peanuts are definitely stunners. Seasoned with soy sauce, ginger, sesame oil and sporting a smooth—but serious—spicy kick, these are a very, very tasty snack. If you had them in a bar you would in no way think they stink. You would order another round and forget surfing, which is why we have a discount for ordering four bags. You'll want that many.
Try jazzing up a stirfry by tossing a few on top. Serve some alongside a full-flavored cheese and salami plate. Of course they go very nicely with a tall cold beer.

Szechuan Spiced Peanuts

P-SZP 3 oz bag

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