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California Yellow Star Thistle Honey

"The champagne of honeys"—Food & Wine

Open the jar and take a sniff. It’s light, slightly floral, clean and—though it sounds like a cop out—the star thistle honey smells ‘sweet.’

Sure, sweet is more of a taste, but there’s definitely something almost confectionary about it’s aroma. Reminds me of walking into a candy shop. It’s thick but pourable for easy addition to tea, desserts or toast and its slight hint of caramel in the finish leaves you licking your lips contemplating whether it’s weird to eat honey with a spoon. I say go for it.

Star Thistle is my pick for this year's honey gift. It inspired Food and Wine to call it the "champagne of honeys," an apt description.


California Yellow Star Thistle Honey

P-STH 9 oz jar
$16 On Special $8
Ships for flat rate

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