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Scallop Rillettes

Scallop Rillettes

Pate of the sea.

I’ve never really tasted anything like this. I hadn’t even heard of the Ile de Groix, the island off the coast of Brittany where scallop rillettes are made, until last summer. Nor had I heard of scallop rillettes. As far as I knew, rillettes, slow-cooked in fat like a pâté, were reserved for land animals.
These are similar to pâté, but instead of using pork or duck to make a rich spread, scallops are employed to make a rillette that is light and smooth, with just a touch of sweetness and an undeniable flavor of the sea. The additions are parsley, shallots and a bit of butter and cream.
Spread some on open faced sandwiches for lunch or a dinner side dish, perhaps with a few capers, lemon zest and a twist of black pepper. Outstanding fast food. Keep a couple jars in the cabinet for late night snacking or to satisfy impromptu guests.

Scallop Rillettes

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