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Mrs. Sipps Spiced Almonds

Mrs. Sipps Spiced Almonds

Sweet and spicy power food.

Sometimes addiction is delicious. Take these spicy sweet almonds as proof.

Helen Loughran and Christopher Kulovitz cranked out the first batches of Mrs. Sipps nuts from their own kitchens in 2006 and immediately found a following through the farmer’s markets and specialty shops of Chicago.

Working from Helen’s grandmother’s recipe, they caramelize Nonpareil almonds and mix them with a secret blend of spices while the nuts are still hot. Sometimes they meld into easy to nibble clumps you can toss with salads or snack on throughout the day.  

Fans of Asian cuisine take note: substitute Mrs. Sipps for peanuts for a ten-fold flavor boost.

Mrs. Sipps Spiced Almonds

P-SPS-L 8 oz bag