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Heritage American Shortbread

Amazing American shortbread.

Willow McGrain's family has made shortbread for over a hundred years. It's the kind of classic, buttery, toasty, crispy cookie you'd expect to find at tea in the Scotland Highlands. Instead, it's made in South Carolina's lowcountry.

With fifty individually wrapped pieces, gleaming with a gold sticker, slipped in a fire engine red tin, this makes a great gift for an office. We've been offering it that way for half a decade. 

However, there's no reason it can't make other journeys. Fifty days of Christmas? Fifty things you're thankful Mom taught you? Of course there's also fifty ways to leave your lover, in which case you might want to get the tin for yourself. 

Excellent paired with traditional Earl Grey Tea.

Heritage American Shortbread

P-SHN 50 piece tin, classic

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