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Portuguese Tinned Squid

The seafood sausage of Portugal.

Three or four squids, cooked just till tender, the bodies stuffed with tentacles so they almost look like seafood sausages. Which is pretty much what they are.

A little smoky, a little sweet, you can open the tin, pop ‘em in your mouth as is, chop them into pieces for an appetizer, or add them to a little warm chickpea salad with cilantro. A great gift for a seafood fanatic or someone who gets giddy every time you say “tapas”.

Portuguese Tinned Squid

P-SCA 110 g tin, 3 squids
Ships for flat rate

Portuguese Tinned Squid - pack of 10 tins

P-SCA-10 Pack of ten 110 g tins
Ships for flat rate

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