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Razor Clams from Ramón Peña

Razor Clams from Ramón Peña

Close shave.

Razor clams, named for the way their shell resembles a straight razor—are the red headed stepchild of the clam world. Littlenecks, manilas and cockles get all the attention, while razor clams languish, rarely seen on restaurant menus or at the fish monger’s.
Lucky for us Ramon Peña specializes in overlooked sea creatures, especially ones that are tasty. And razor clams are indeed tasty. Their shape makes their texture a bit different than a regular clam, a little more like octopus or squid. The flavor is deep and briny. Tinned simply in olive oil these are a great gift for a curious seafood seeker.

Razor Clams from Ramón Peña

P-RCL 115 g tin
Returning on or before November 7
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