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Boat Street Café Pickled Raisins

Sound strange? Maybe. They’re also really versatile and really good.

From Renee Erickson, chef and owner of the Boat Street Café in Seattle, comes these extremely versatile culinary oddities. Golden raisins (or sultanas) are cured in a mixture of cider vinegar, mustard seed, thyme, chili and a bit of bay leaf. They’re slightly spicy but nowhere near hot. The sweetness of the raisins really comes through and is the focal point of flavor.

But how do you use them? Any way you like. Toss these sweet gems in salads or use them to garnish grilled meats. Great with pork loin. Include them as a bit player in a spread of appetizers. Set out a spread of cheese, salami, good bread and some other pickles like cornichons or olives. The raisins combine well with all sorts of flavors, so play around.

Boat Street Café Pickled Raisins

P-PCK 9 oz

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