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Petite Pickled Brussels Sprouts

Be converted.

Daniel & Ann Trudel, the folks behind Ann’s Raspberry Farm in Fredericktown, Ohio love brussels sprouts (and raspberries, obviously). They harvest the little cabbages when they’re still young and tender, then quickly blanche and cure them with vinegar, honey, garlic and a few spices. The pickled sprouts are crisp, bright, and satisfying.
They’re fun chopped and tossed into salads or as a garnish for Bloody Mary’s or martinis. I love them simply served along with some nice salami and good bread. Replace the pickles on your relish tray and you'll be in business.
After printing these in our holiday catalog in 2018, we learned that Ann's Raspberry Farm lost their entire crop of Brussels sprouts this year due to some particularly voracious aphids. Sadly for us, that means they had no Brussels sprouts to pickle this year, so we have none to sell. Our fingers are crossed we'll have them back again in fall of 2019!

Petite Pickled Brussels Sprouts

P-PBS 9 oz jar
Returning September 2019

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