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Zingerman's Spiced Peanut Dragée Mix

Sugar and spice and everything you want.

The candy creators at Zingerman’s Candy Company have combined their love of sugar with their passion for peanuts to create a sampler tin that’s sure to be a hit at any office or holiday gathering. These dragées are made by caramelizing peanuts in a mix of sugar and spices resulting in a sweet, slightly spicy treat with a crackling crunch.

Each tin features three flavors: salt & pepper, cinnamon, and sweet chili. While their names may sound intense, each flavor is easily approachable, very addictive, with only the slightest tickle of heat. A great snack throughout the day and a wonderful business gift.

Zingerman's Spiced Peanut Dragée Mix

P-NT3 10.5 oz tin
Ships for flat rate

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