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Marble Mortar and Pestle Set

A classic kitchen tool that never goes out of style.

Few modern recipes call for a mortar and pestle. It's probably because they're mostly written by chefs and a mortar and pestle is definitely not one of the tools of a high volume kitchen. That said, if you read any book by a great home cook—Richard Olney, Patience Grey are a couple of my favorites—they'll advise using one many times.

The texture from a mortar and pestle is much better than what you'd get from a food processor. And, if speed is an issue, even though grinding is a little slower, I think it's faster to take the mortar out, use it, then wash and rinse it than it is to haul out and plug in the food processor.

Truth is, I've owned this set for years but didn't think about offering it until I used someone else's and realized how superior this one is.

When it comes to a mortar and pestle, there’s one sure truth: larger is better. Why? They're a lot easier to use; you can really whomp about and grind things quickly. This set also features a nice olivewood pestle. It's lighter than stone and doesn't make a screechy stone-on-stone sound.

Makes a wedding gift any cook would love. Built to last a lifetime or two.

From Liguria in Northern Italy.

Marble Mortar and Pestle Set

P-MRP 8 inches across, 4 inches deep

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