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Mostarda d'Uva

Snow cone sauce.

From the villages of the Italian Piedmont, where it's been around for centuries, mostarda d'uva (grape mustard) is a thick, savory-sweet condiment that's eaten extensively with polenta, boiled meats or cheese. I'd be content to put it on a piece of toast or a grilled cheese sandwich too. One look at the ingredient list will tell you this is special: Barbera wine grapes, pumpkin, freshly cut quince, walnuts, hazelnuts, pears, figs, orange and lemon peel and an array of spices, all simmered till they're the texture of chutney.

Roberto Santopietro, who makes it, told Ari, "You know, it's excellent with snow." Thinking he'd misunderstood, he said, "You mean with granita?" (the Italian sweet iced dish). "No," he responded firmly, "with snow." In the mountains, people gather freshly fallen snow and serve a cup of it topped with a spoonful or two of this. Try it at your next dinner party.

Mostarda d'Uva

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