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Michigan Apple Mustard

Michigan specific mustard.

We've been enjoying a glut of great tasting foods coming out of Michigan in the last couple years and I'm very excited to feature this mustard from Beau Bien Foods in Detroit, Michigan (about thirty minutes up I-94 from Ann Arbor).
They source as many of their ingredients as possible from local farms in southeastern Michigan (or they head north to places like Traverse City to get apples and the like). It's a good sign that all their ingredients in this mustard are easy to pronounce: Michigan apple cider, mustard seed, apple cider vinegar, apple puree, water, brown sugar and a touch of salt. No degrees in organic (or inorganic) chemistry necessary to parse out what those words mean.
But as with everything, it's the flavor that counts. A little fruity (like apples), with a punch of heat from the mustard seed that's pleasantly placated by the sweetness of the sugar.
Great on brats, (very Midwestern) hot dogs, ham sandwiches, grilled pork, roasted vegetables, or even as a sauce in a marinade.

Michigan Apple Mustard

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