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Greek Hondrolea green olives

The biggest olives we could find.

If you've ever decided to spend one of your three genie granted wishes on bigger olives, then hold your tongue and come up with a new wish because this one has already come true. 
We carried hondrolea olives more than a decade ago, but we lost our supplier. Thankfully we've found a new one and these olives are just as tasty and fun to eat as they were in my memory.
Huge green olives, hand picked in Macedonia, then cured in a subtle brine so they don't just turn salty. Nearly the size of a walnut, they’re big, meaty, and just a little sweet. Excellent fare for your relish tray or to set out with some nuts and a couple glasses of wine before dinner. 

Greek Hondrolea green olives

P-HGO 360 g jar

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