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Candied Green Walnuts

Italian candied walnuts. Great with everything.

I'm a sucker for sweet, crunchy nuts that work great with a litany of foods, especially cheese.
Preserving produce, like walnuts, in sugar is nearly as common as preserving foods in salt (and some think a little bit tastier). Where as preserving in salt surprisingly brings subtler flavors to the surface, preserving in sugar seems to soften strong flavors and make them more palatable and sometimes transform them into an otherworldly experience. 
These nuts started out green, tannic and bitter. So the Valier Family—caretakers of the same parcel of land in the Venetian hills since 1484—candy the green walnuts and preserve them in a vanilla bean infused syrup. That sweet, redolent syrup is drawn into the green walnut, softening the flavor and evoking flavors of fruit in the finish. 
They're great served on a cheese tray next to some fresh goat cheese or even a soft blue cheese like Stilton. Even though the nut has been quartered, you'll still notice a shell around the meat of the nut. Bite right through. It's easily edible and part of the flavor experience. 

Candied Green Walnuts

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