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Guido Gobino Gianduja Cream

You’ve been warned.

Stay away before you get hooked. If you’re a glutton for punishment, or just a good old-fashioned glutton, this stuff could get you in serious financial straits. Guido Gobino gives freshly harvested Piedmontese hazelnuts a generous, slow toasting then grinds them until they're as smooth as velvet. They're mixed with fine milk chocolate in proportions that favor nut lovers.

I save it for those rare times when I'm sitting in front of a solid-gold plate of ice cream and in need of an appropriate topping. If I'm feeling especially flush, then I spread some on hot toast for breakfast. Amazing.

"Absolute heaven on a spoon! This has been declared 'Private Stock,' which in Mom-eze means, 'Don't touch!'"
Claudia, Neptune, NJ

Guido Gobino Gianduja Cream

P-GCM 220 g

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