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Extra Seedy Granola

Maine's granola maestra.

Our purchasing manager, Joe Capuano, has been enjoying Lucy’s granola for years. Every summer he vacations in Maine and a few years back he discovered Lucy and her delicious granola at a farmer’s market. They struck a friendship (“that’ll happen when you order a case every few months,” he says) and visiting Lucy at her kitchen became a yearly event. Still, Joe’s not a pushy man, so he didn’t bring this up to me. After finally tasting one of the bags he brought into the office, I wish he had.

Lucy is one of those inspired chefs who are proving there’s more to granola than just hippie good will: it can really taste good, too. Her extra seedy variety is nutty, not too sweet and generally rather light for a granola. Sweetened with honey and maple syrup from a local farm it’s one of the better-balanced granolas you’ll find on any store shelf. Powered by pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut, almonds, oats and more, it’s a great way to start the day in a bowl with milk or, like a true tree hugger, mixed with yogurt.

Extra Seedy Granola

P-ESG 1 lb bag

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