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Eels in Escabeche

Try some sour sea snakes, won't you?

It’s tough to get people to warm up to eels. Let alone eels in a vinegar sauce—what the Portuguese call escabeche. I know I’m digging myself a big hole here but hear me out. Eels the animal, a sea snake of sorts, is not the most appetizing idea, but if you’re a fan of tinned seafood I urge you to try some. There’s a reason the Portuguese, Italians, and Spanish seafood lovers go gaga for them. The firm flesh is rich and utterly delicious.
They’re packed in the old way many fish—sardines and tuna, to name a couple—were preserved in Portugal before canning was invented. And while I prefer sardines and tuna in tins with olive oil, I really enjoy eels in the traditional escabeche.
This is tinned fish that will take you to another time and place, in a good way. There’s nothing like it out there.

Eels in Escabeche

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