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Myanmar Coffee

Elegant, soft coffee from Myanmar.

Myanmar is a new player in the world of specialty coffee, but I think it's posed to make a serious mark on the industry. This coffee features a blend of beans from several estates in Myanmar, primarily Greenland and Blue Mountain estates near the village of Pyin Oo Lwin, up in the hills at around 3,800 feet elevation.

Roastmaster Steve and his team roasted several test batches of this coffee and it was hard to choose a favorite. They settled on a medium roast to highlight its elegant, soft character. To really emphasize the notes, brewing the coffee in a Chemex or Aeropress produces a sweet, smooth and cocoa-y cup. Preparation in a Clever yields a complex brew with toast-like and citrus notes.
Roast: Medium.
Tasting Notes: Smooth, creamy, full-bodied with hints of orange.
Facts: Roasted fresh by Zingerman’s Coffee Company. Shipped whole bean. 

Myanmar Coffee

P-COF-MYA 12 oz bag

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